___ April 2024_____________________________________

   Fri. Apr. 5

    TGIF - Lucky's Steakhouse
3554 Okemos Rd, Okemos, just north of Jolly Rd. Famous
    for steak, seafood, and prime rib with all the trimmings. 

   Sat. Apr. 6

    Mensa Admissions Test
    Sat, April 6, 2:00 to 5:00 PM: Mensa Admissions Testing,
    CADL Okemos Library, 4321 Okemos Rd, Okemos, south
    of Hulett Rd. Use entrance behind building. For more info,
    contact the test proctor at MensaProctor670@gmail.com
  Fri. Apr. 12

  TGIF - Asian Buffet*
4920 Marsh Rd, Okemos
, in the Meridian Town Center.
    Relaxed, family-owned buffet restaurant with a variety
    of American and Asian specialties, including sushi.

   *NOT Asian Taste in Mason, which is closed this month.

  Fri. Apr. 19
    TGIF - Outback Steakhouse
    617 N Canal Rd, Lansing. Australian-style steak, chicken,
 shrimp on the barbie!
  Fri. Apr. 26

    TGIF - Blue Gill Grill
    1591 Lake Lansing Rd, Haslett, MI. Traditional American
    restaurant, justly fa
mous for seafood.


 TGIFs are on Fridays. We meet and order around 6:00 PM but feel free to join us at any

 time.  Come and get acquainted. All members and friends are welcome at these events.

 Any member may schedule an event. Please remember to include Who, What, Where,

 When, and Why. The deadline to schedule an event is the 15th of the month before the

 event. Please contact Ginny Brunke Henderson, MMM Calendar Coordinator, at

 gbrunkh@peoplepc.com or 517-676-3369.

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