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Head-Line is the monthly publication of Mid-Michigan Mensa. Annual subscription rate is $5.00 for members of Mid-Michigan Mensa and is paid through the national organization. The annual non-member rate is $10.00 and is limited to current members of other Mensa groups.

Members: you can view the Head-Line online by clicking a link below. You will need to log in. The username and password for this area is the same as you use for the American Mensa site. For more information on how to login to American Mensa, click here.

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Editor  Sharon Plavnick

Telephone: 517-285-8740

Head Line and Calendar of Events items are due by the 15th of the month prior to publication; and the Editor is always grateful for earlier contributions.   Camera ready contributions are appreciated, but not necessary.   Please submit all items in at least 11 point type.   Calendar entries may be e-mailed (see above), telephoned, or snail-mailed (postmarked by the 10th please) to the Calendar Editor.   Permission is granted to reprint material from Head Line in any Mensa publication, with appropriate credit, unless the material is copyrighted.

Office of Publication is 3369 Harper Rd, Mason, MI 48854-9352; USPS 120-990.

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